Participation and Abstracts

Applications for participation, registration forms and abstracts should be sent to Organizing Committee no later than August 5, 2023 by e-mail. The abstracts should be written in English in accordance with the following rules: 1 page in A4 format paper including tables and figures, all margins should be 25 mm, text processor MS Word, Times New Roman font, 1.0 spaced. The abstract headings should be centered and conformed with the following guidelines: TITLE — all capitals, 14 pt., bold, Authors — 12 pt., bold, Affiliation -12 pt., italics. One line and two lines should be skipped between Title and Authors, and between affiliation and the text of the abstract, respectively. The text should be at 12 pt., 1.0 spaced and justified. The Book of Abstracts will be presented in electronic format. From one author accepted no more than 2 abstracts.